NWC’s Helpline Khabar Garaun 1145

Khabar Garaun 1145’, a 24-hour toll free helpline, of National Women Commission started its operation from December 10, 2017 (Mangshir 24, 2075). Anyone who faces gender based violence or social discrimination, and those who have been deprived from exercising women’s rights can now register their complaints at his helpline service. This service is backed by an online Case Management System (CMS) with a focus on receiving, registering, and referring calls from individuals in distress. Based on an initial assessment, the calls will be referred to appropriate services including shelter, healthcare, psycho-social counselling, child support, or legal aid. In addition, the online CMS will use technology to register, manage, and track cases referred to service provider institutions. As per the present provision, victims of GBV have to register their complaints at NWC either verbally or in written and has to be present in person to proceed with the investigations and possible recommendations. However, this latest helpline service would help women in distress to either make a phone call or send sms and can even ask someone else to call on behalf of her, thus making life easier for the victims to come forward and register their cases. We believe helpline as a positive step towards encouraging women to seek help and an attempt to put an end to violence.