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Logo of National Women Commission
Nepali waving flag
राष्ट्रिय महिला आयोग
National Women Commission
Bhadrakali Plaza, Kathmandu, Nepal
Logo of National Women Commission

Mission, Vision and Objectives


The National Commission for Women envisions a gender-equitable society where women, regardless of their pluralistic background, can exercise their basic human rights and ensure their security, justice, self-identity, dignity and dignified life.


To promote and strengthen the culture of gender equality in the policies, organizational structure and programs of all governmental and non-governmental bodies, the private sector and all sectors of society, ensuring equal opportunities, equal rights, proportional and meaningful representation and easy access to justice and security for all women.


To end all forms of discrimination and violence against women, to ensure meaningful, inclusive and proportional representation of women in all sectors and levels of governmental and non-governmental bodies, and to empower women socially, economically and politically through effective implementation of national and international legal documents on women's rights.


  1. To ensure the protection of human rights of women of all walks of life with special emphasis on ending all forms of discrimination and marginalization, including violence against women.
  2. To ensure easy access to justice for women victims of various forms of violence including domestic violence, trafficking, conflict, regardless of caste, language, religion, gender, class or region.
  3. To ensure gender mainstreaming through proportional, social, inclusive and meaningful participation of women of different sectors and castes.
  4. The Commission shall make suggestions and advice to the Government of Nepal to fulfill its commitments and obligations expressed in the international legal documents approved at various international conferences,
  5. Regular monitoring of the formulation and implementation of national laws and policies in the interest of women by the government, collection of suggestions if any shortcomings and weaknesses are seen, and reporting them to the concerned bodies. To take feedback on its implementation and to inform the concerned stakeholders.
  6. To establish National Women Commission as an independent, autonomous, and constitutional body working actively in the field of women's rights.
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