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Notice of call for sealed registration for purchase of two wheeler (scooter)

प्रकासित मितिः 2021-12-27
राष्ट्रिय महिला आयोग

Bhadrakali Plaza. Kathmandu



Two-wheeled vehicle (Scooter) Notice of Call for Sealed Valuation for Purchase
(Second published date: 2078.09.12)

Information No. NWC / 02/078/79

The A.V. As per the approved annual program of 2078/79, the following two wheeled vehicles (scooters) have to be procured as per the following conditions from the interested firms or companies licensed by the Government of Nepal and registered in the value added tax subject to the following conditions.

Contract Package No. Details of the machine l Quantity / number The registration fee is Rs Bail amount is Rs
1. NWC / NCB / S2W-SQ01 Scooter 2-wheelers 3 (three) Rs.1000 / - Rs 16,000.

1. Firm / Company Registration Certificate, Income Tax and Value Added Tax Registration Certificate and A.V. Code of this office in Rastriya Banijya Bank with certified copy of tax payment certificate up to 2076.77 222003501 Internal revenue indication 14229 By submitting a voucher of Rs.1000 / - (one thousand rupees) with a non-refundable fee, a letter of credit can be purchased from this office within 15 days from the date of publication of this notice.

2. This information has been published for the first time by signing the envelope on each page of the duly filled application form, sealing the envelope with the address of this office on the outside of the envelope, sealing the contract package number, vehicle details, name of the applicant, official address of the correspondent. Registration must be made in the Procurement Unit of this office by 12:00 noon on the 16th day. The sealed registration forms will be opened at 2:00 pm on the same day in the presence of the representatives of this office and the creditors or their representatives. There will be no impediment to opening the letter of credit even in the absence of the applicant or his / her representative.

3. If there is a public holiday on the last day of purchasing, filing or opening the letter of credit, the work will be done on the same day of the office opening immediately after the holiday.

4. Bail amount with sealed debentures is Rs. Bail Account No. 1201200 / 001-002-524 in the name of Kathmandu in Rastriya Banijya Bank Office Code of this office 222003501 A valid bank guarantee (bank guarantee) issued in the name of this office from a Class A commercial bank recognized by the Government of Nepal with a validity of at least 30 days for a validity of 45 days should be submitted by depositing in the bank voucher. .

5. When mentioning the amount in the letter of credit, it should be clearly mentioned in numbers and letters. If there is a difference between the number and the letter, the letter will be recognized. No action will be taken on expired and undocumented debentures.

6. Certificates purchased in the name of one company / firm cannot be filed in the name of another company / firm.

7. The petitioner must submit with his proposal a self-declaration that there is no conflict of personal interest in the proceedings relating to the petition and no action has been taken in that regard.

8. In the interest of the Government of Nepal, all the right to approve or partially approve the debentures will be reserved in this office.

9. If you need to know more about the invoice, you can contact the procurement unit in this office within office hours.

10. In the case of any matter not mentioned in this notice or in the documents related to the letter of credit, it will be in accordance with the Public Procurement Act 2063 and Rules 2064 and the prevailing Nepali law.






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