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Logo of National Women Commission
Nepali waving flag
राष्ट्रिय महिला आयोग
National Women Commission
Bhadrakali Plaza, Kathmandu, Nepal
Logo of National Women Commission

Department Work Divisions

Administration and Planning Section Work Description

  • Functions related to staff administration,
  • Responsibilities related to employee facilities (pension, allowance, medical treatment, provident fund, etc.),
  • Work description, performance, and evaluation related functions
  • Staff details and record and archive management,
  • Preparation of action plan with the regular annual budget for internal and external training required for capacity building and professional development of the staff of the Commission,
  • To advance the preliminary process for training seminars and studies conducted at home and abroad,
  • Management of training seminars,
  • Vehicle Management Safety, Conservation and Auction Work,
  • Procurement work as per prevailing law,
  • Sexual inspection and management functions,
  • Work related to protection and maintenance of physical property of the Commission, auction, maintenance and maintenance of sanitation,
  • Commission's work related to safety, maintenance and management of electronic devices and vehicles,
  • Functions related to commissioning, invoicing, public relations and reception,
  • Functions related to citizen charter and grievance management,
  • Functions related to the monthly, quarterly and annual reports of the Commission,
  • Data collection and management related to the commission, information collection, archiving, archiving work,
  • To update the details of organizations working in the field of media and women's affairs,
  • Library management work,
  • Work related to information center establishment and study research,
  • To formulate the annual and periodical plan of the Commission,
  • To analyze the work done by the Commission and the published details of the media,
  • To take necessary action to formulate future plans of the Commission on issues like gender equality, promotion of women empowerment,
  • To plan for the monitoring of governmental and non-governmental organizations and local level for the protection of women's rights,
  • To produce, publish and distribute materials published by the Commission,
  • To analyze the work done by the commission and the published details of the media and submit policy suggestions,
  • To prepare and submit the annual program of the Commission,
  • Prepare and submit monthly and annual reports,
  • To prepare and review the progress of the plan and program,
  • Monitor and review the plan / project, prepare monthly and quarterly and annual reports and submit,
  • Submitting various plans, programs, budgets for approval,
  • Monitoring and reviewing government programs,
  • Formulating and approving annual programs,
  • To prepare annual and periodical action plans and strategies of the National Commission for Women,
  • Commission's various plans, programs, budget formulation and approval work,
  • To give necessary policy instructions regarding the conduct of the programs of the Commission,
  • Informing the concerned body after the approval of the project and program,
  • To prepare and implement internal and external monitoring and evaluation plan to evaluate the status of plan implementation,
  • Indicators and target setting for action plan implementation, monitoring and evaluation,
  • All work related to the overall planning of the Commission in collaboration with other branches,
  • All administrative and human resource development work of the Commission,
  • Monitoring and reviewing plans and annual programs,

Details of Financial Administration Branch

  • Formulation of the annual budget of the Commission, work related to the management of disbursements and expenditure,
  • To keep a record of the expenditure incurred,
  • The division of expenditure and financial statements are approved by the head of the office and sent to the concerned body within the stipulated time and audited.
  • Budget and authority related work to be sent to subordinate bodies,
  • Work related to monitoring the financial aspect of the Commission's programs,
  • To keep track of the advance and balance, to review and to advance and update the advance,
  • Internal and final audit of income and expenditure,
  • Various other functions related to financial administration as prescribed by the prevailing law,
  • The act of giving opinions to the head of financial affairs,
  • Budgeting for the "address" project, auditing the outlay, expenditure and so on,
  • UN-Project budgeting, outlay, expenditure and auditing,
  • Supervisor's performance appraisal of subordinate employees,
  • To do other work related to financial administration assigned by the head of the office,
  • Transfer of responsibility in case of transfer promotion,

Complaints and Case Management Section

  • The presence of the victim in the Commission and the registration of complaints received through any other means in the register book,
  • Complaint processing and preliminary investigation,
  • The act of appointing an authorized staff or forming a committee to investigate a complaint,
  • Complaint Investigation,
  • If there is a need to investigate the incident and file a case, make a recommendation to the concerned body,
  • Recommendations and orders for coordination with the concerned agencies as required in the course of complaint management,
  • Reconciliation work as provided in the Act,
  • The act of giving legal opinion to the Commission,
  • The act of providing legal advice to the client,
  • Other functions prescribed by the Commission,
  • Acting as the focal person for the UN WOMEN project under the Commission,
  • Work related to conducting reconciliation, psycho-counseling, stress management trainings to the branch staff,
  • Social psychology work,
  • Work related to monitoring of complaint recommendation,
  • If there is a need to raise the issue of violence against women and non-exercise of women's rights, to make a recommendation to the concerned body, to make a recommendation for a security center or rehabilitation,
  • To conduct public participation campaigns against traditional, harmful practices, practices, traditions and customs that are an obstacle for women's equality and empowerment and to work in collaboration, involvement and coordination with the concerned bodies in such activities.
  • To prepare a written reply to the petition against the Commission,
  • Helpline work,
  • Coordinating with other bodies including the Commission in case of immediate response,
  • To work related to the formulation of rules and procedures required by the Commission,
  • Recommendation for Special Services for Dependent Children with Victims,
  • To study and research the problems that have arisen in the implementation of the law related to women's rights and to find solutions to the problems,
  • Archiving and studying information related to the incident,
  • To create all kinds of violence and discrimination against women, to create such violence and discrimination, to formulate and implement necessary programs to eradicate racism and superstition,
  • Develop and implement gender-based violence reduction programs,

Details of Women's Development Coordination Branch

  • In accordance with the provisions and provisions related to women's rights in the Constitution of Nepal, the policy related to women's development and empowerment, mainstreaming, monitoring the program and submitting report to the Commission,
  • Submitting necessary opinions on timely revision of policies related to gender development and empowerment,
  • Unit to manage work related to women's development at the local level, manpower management and monitoring of program implementation,
  • Assessing the status of Gender Contact Points, the current role of Gender Contact Points and the organization and monitoring and reviewing of the implementation aspects of the work done from the Contact Points and providing feedback for effective role implementation,
  • To conduct preventive and therapeutic programs for the control of violence against women and adolescents, to coordinate and cooperate with the concerned bodies for the control of violence against women and to continuously monitor and evaluate,
  • To conduct campaigns against traditional harmful practices, practices, traditions, customs, which are obstacles to women's equality and empowerment, to conduct public participation and to cooperate, participate and coordinate with the concerned bodies in such activities.
  • For the economic empowerment of women, access to capital, resources and technology and for self-reliance, employment and entrepreneurship promotion, continuous discussion and coordination with the concerned stakeholders,
  • Study and research on women-centered economy and market business sector and submit suggestions for implementation,
  • Expansion of social psychology and psychosocial counseling services to reduce the increasing violence against women and adolescents and to coordinate and cooperate with the organizations and local levels working in such work,
  • Coordinating and cooperating with the concerned bodies and local level to run programs to increase the participation of men, adolescents, parents for the equality of women, empowerment and reduction of violence,
  • Coordinating and conducting necessary research on various contemporary issues related to women's development,
  • To take necessary initiative in coordination with the Administration and Planning Branch to mobilize various national and international assistance for the Commission.
  • Monitoring and backing of work done in all cycles of risk management and in response to special protection of women and vulnerable groups,
  • Coordinating and conducting awareness programs on human trafficking and smuggling control awareness programs,
  • Other functions prescribed by the Commission,
  • In the above mentioned work, other works assigned to be done in coordination and cooperation with the concerned governmental and non-governmental bodies,

Policy Making, International Report Preparation and Recommendation Implementation Branch

  • To prepare necessary policy and law by conducting study and research report and to give advice to the Government of Nepal.
  • To suggest to the Government of Nepal to approve the international mechanism on the rights and interests of women and children.
  • To make recommendations to the concerned bodies on various development programs and plans by formulating national policies and laws for the promotion of the rights and interests of women and children so that Nepali women can also enjoy the provisions of international mechanisms that are on Nepal's side.
  • To communicate and cooperate with other concerned ministries / agencies on policy making, law making and implementation.
  • To give advice and suggestions to the government by studying, researching and analyzing the new policy for the rights of women, the policy being made or the policy being made, the law being studied and researched.
  • To formulate standards by studying, researching and gender analysis of government policies, laws and programs and to give necessary advice and suggestions to the government.
  • To coordinate and co-operate with the concerned agencies to submit the required policy, legal and other administrative arrangements in a timely manner so that Nepali women can also get the rights in the international mechanisms that are Nepali parties.
  • The National Commission for Women will submit its report to the head of state and the head of state will send the report to the concerned legislature for discussion. To provide necessary advice and suggestions to the Commission regarding the implementation of the suggestions and instructions received from the discussions of the concerned committee.
  • To assist the Commission by analyzing the existing laws and regulations and collecting suggestions and opinions for the formulation of new laws to make necessary laws to remove the legal and policy obstacles in the course of work.
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