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श्री कमला पराजुली

Kamala Kumari Parajuli

Honorable Chairperson

Biography of Kamala Kumari Parajuli (Ms.)

Ms. Kamala Kumari Parajuli assumed the responsibility of the Hon'ble Chairperson at the National Women's Commission (NWC) of Nepal on 3rd February 2021. On the recommendation of the Constitutional Council, she was appointed as the Chair of the NWC by Rt. Hon'ble President of Nepal. Ms. Parajuli is a well-known women activist, journalist, writer and a politician of Nepal.

Born on 28th of June 1968 in Morang District, eastern Terai belt of Nepal she holds Master's Degree from the Tribhuvan University of Nepal in Humanities and Social Science and is pursuing PHD in Gender and Buddhism from Lumbini Buddhist University. Besides, she has obtained various professional trainings and participated in different seminars in the area of Human Rights specially Women Rights. She also worked as a Freelance Trainer in the field of Human Rights with a special focus on Gender Sensitization, Women Empowerment and Inclusion. As a consultant, she rendered her valuable services to different organizations to formulate policies, strategies and guidelines pertaining to Women Rights, Gender Equality, Child Rights, and Social Security etc. She played pivotal role in organizing various women related conferences both at National and Regional level. She also led various researches carried out under different organizations including the Human Rights Commission of Nepal.

Ms. Parajuli has a deep understanding of and has made remarkable contributions to key issues pertaining to Human Rights, Women Empowerment, reducing Gender-based Violence, protecting rights and welfare of children and senior citizens. She has experience of working with different reputed Non-Governmental and Social Organizations dedicated in the field of protecting and promoting Human Rights, advocating Women Rights, Empowerment and Gender Equality. She was also engaged in advocating rights of and ensuring social security for senior citizens, child and marginalized communities over the last three decades.

Ms. Parajuli started her career in 1991 as a team member of the research on fertility, planning and health status of women in Syangja and Rupandehi District by New Era, IIDS, and Valley Research center (NIV). She also worked as a Coordinator of the Women and Child Program Department at the Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) working in the area of women and human rights, child rights with nation-wide coverage in 1993. She was also engaged in various researches before joining Insect. She also worked as the Executive President of Sankalpa Nepal from 2006 to 2018 to ensure Human Rights and Social Security for Senior Citizens in Nepal; Executive Member of the Nepal Peace and Solidarity Council, Nepal Chapter; Vice President of Sancharika Samuha (Women's Communicators' Forum) for a decade.

She has been part of various Researched and Studies related to Women and Children including research on "Marital Status of Nepalese Women" in four Districts ie Humla, Rasuwa, Kanchanpur and Saptari for Sherpa, Tamang, Chaudhari and Jha ethnical groups respectivel; study related to the situation of women and children in the chepang community.

As a well-known researcher, writer and journalist she has produced several reports and thematic articles in different Journals. She has published six books including novels and collection of stories which has been well appraised by Scholars of Nepali literature. She has presented various papers in different forums. During her professional career, she has traveled to more than 60 districts within the country and visited India, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, Japan, United States of America etc. She can be contacted through E-mail: and Contact No: 977-1-4256701.

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